References to papers for IPDA
Developing a Core Set of Data Standards for the IPDA - White Paper (2007)

In November 2006, the 1st meeting of the International Planetary Data Alliance was held at the ESA Technical and Engineering Center (ESTEC). Several space agencies attended the meeting including NASA/PDS, ESA/PSA, JAXA/ISAS, CNSA and RSA/IKI. The meeting helped to define needs and constraints of the international planetary science data community including both a need for a set of core data standards for building planetary science data archives as well as the budgetary constraints that necessitate leveraging of standards and tools across space agencies. The ultimate goal of the IPDA is to ensure that agencies can share and reuse science data products.

The International Planetary Data Alliance (IPDA): Overview of the Activities (2016)

An overview of activities of the IPDA is presented in the frame of the recently growing number of successful space experiments dedicated to planetary ob- servation, with a significantly growing number of people involved in such activity and with significantly growing numbers of web services willing to share data and services in our research domain, but also, in close by domains such as astronomy, heliophysics and atmospheric sciences for the Earth.