The IPDA 2007 Steering Committee meeting is also available by teleconference for those unable to attend in person. In order to dial into the teleconference, you need the dial-in number and a meeting identification code. (Due to the hosting organization's restrictions, the meeting identification code changes twice per day.)

The meeting dial-in number is +1 818 354 3434.

After dialing in, follow the voice prompts to attend a meeting. When prompted for the meeting ID number, enter a code from the table below.

Meeting Identification Codes

The following table lists the identification codes for each segment of the Steering Committee meeting.

All times listed are GMT.

DateTime PeriodMeeting Code
2007.7.1620.00–01.00 next day2212
2007.7.1720.00–01.00 next day2214
2007.7.1820.00–01.00 next day2216

Toll-Free Dialing

Those within the continental United States may use the following procedure to access the meeting dial-in number without incurring long distance charges:

  1. Dial +1 800 367 5754 (1 800 FOR JPL 4).
  2. At the secondary dial-tone, enter the pass code 575 (JPL).
  3. At the third dial-tone, enter 43434.
  4. Follow the voice prompts to attend a meeting.