Website Development

Project Leader: Emily Law (PDS/JPL). Description: At the July 2011 IPDA Steering Committee meeting, a new project was proposed to support IPDA website development. The project will focus on enhancing the current IPDA website ( to: 1. Enable IPDA project members to easily organize, post and make the project contents and artifacts up to date. 2. Make IPDA standards documentation and information easily accessible publicly. 3. Move the website host server from a temporary location to a permanent location at JPL. 4. Make a concerted effort to improve and build up the website for public outreach.
Making a Home for Projects on the Site

Mockups, templates, diagrams, and discussion on providing a place for IPDA projects on the IPDA website, and improving the public outreach of those projects.

New Design Prototypes

Four potential new theme prototypes for the home page and for a project page for the International Planetary Data Alliance.

Project Report

Project report - present to Steering Committee in July 2012