Project Leader: Santa Martinez (ESA) Co-Leader: Steve Hughes (PDS/JPL). Description: At the 6th International Planetary Data Alliance (IPDA) Steering Committee Meeting held September 2011 in Caltech, Pasadena, the Steering Committee recognised the importance of continuing to follow the evolution and development of the PDS4 standards with the purpose of identifying concerns and potential areas of incompatibility with regards to IPDA needs and standards. A fundamental part of this project will be dedicated to carry on with the PDS4 prototyping efforts started in 2010. One of the areas identified for improvement is ensuring that the validation rules for PDS4 compliance are consistent. This has been an on-going issue on international missions. It has been suggested that this project (or subproject within it) could include discussions on the requirements on validation to ensure consistent validation tools are developed.
PDS4 Generate Tool

The Generate Tool provides a command-line interface for generating PDS4 Labels from either a PDS3 Label or a PDS-specific DOM object.

PDS4 Validate Tool

The Validate Tool is for validating PDS4 product labels and product data.