PDAP v1.0 core task

Preparation of a final version of the PDAP v1.0 core protocol


After discussion at last SC meeting, some fields and improvements were agreed to be done into the PDAP v1.0 specification in order to propose it to the SC as a possible IPDA Recommendation.

  • Include basic support for spectral range queries
  • Include basic support for altitude range queries
  • Define a standard XML schema for PDAP
  • Better definition of capabilities discovery
  • Align PDAP entities with PDS4
Group Members
  • Jesus Salgado (lead) (ESA/PSA)
  • Pedro Osuna (ESA/PSA)
  • Steve Hughes (NASA/PDS)
  • Sean Kelly (NASA/PDS)
  • Yukio Yamamoto (JAXA)
  • Santa Martinez (ESA/PSA)
  • Michel Gangloff (Observatoire de Paris)
  • Paul Ramirez (NASA/PDS)
  • 10/11/11 PDAP v.1.0 updated with new query fields (done)
  • New Template use
  • Support for spectral coordinate search
  • Support for altitude
  • Modification of mission name to instrument_host_name (pending PDAP-PDS4 mapping activity)
  • 15/12/11 PDAP v1.0 including capabilities discovery and XML schema
  • 15/01/11 Support for PDAP registration