2011-2012 Projects


Project Leader: Santa Martinez (ESA) Co-Leader: Steve Hughes (PDS/JPL). Description: At the 6th International Planetary Data Alliance (IPDA) Steering Committee Meeting held September 2011 in Caltech, Pasadena, the Steering Committee recognised the importance of continuing to follow the evolution and development of the PDS4 standards with the purpose of identifying concerns and potential areas of incompatibility with regards to IPDA needs and standards. A fundamental part of this project will be dedicated to carry on with the PDS4 prototyping efforts started in 2010. One of the areas identified for improvement is ensuring that the validation rules for PDS4 compliance are consistent. This has been an on-going issue on international missions. It has been suggested that this project (or subproject within it) could include discussions on the requirements on validation to ensure consistent validation tools are developed.

Website Development

Project Leader: Emily Law (PDS/JPL). Description: At the July 2011 IPDA Steering Committee meeting, a new project was proposed to support IPDA website development. The project will focus on enhancing the current IPDA website (http://planetarydata.org/) to: 1. Enable IPDA project members to easily organize, post and make the project contents and artifacts up to date. 2. Make IPDA standards documentation and information easily accessible publicly. 3. Move the website host server from a temporary location to a permanent location at JPL. 4. Make a concerted effort to improve and build up the website for public outreach.

Geometry Requirements

Project Leader: Charles Acton (PDS/JPL). Description: Ascertain the role of "geometry" within the federation of national planetary data archive services comprising the IPDA. More particularly, determine requirements (if any), recommendations, and best practices as regards "geometry data" (often referred to as "ancillary data") and allied software within the IPDA. The project should "be aware of" existing geometry data products, tools and processes, making reference to them as appropriate.

IPDA Query Language

Project Leader: Steve Hughes (PDS/JPL). Description: The IPDA Steering Committee feels that it is important to continue the project to define an IPDA Query Language that is compatible with the capabilities of the PDS and PSA data models. At the 2011 Steering Committee meeting an evaluation of various query languages including those from Apache SOLR was performed primarily with respect to the needs of PDS4. It was suggested that the resulting sample syntax be expanded to become an IPDA query language.

Registry Development and Coordination

Project Leader: Sean Hardman (PDS/JPL). Description: The current registry implementation utilizes the PDS Registry Service and a custom interface available from the IPDA web site (http://planetarydata.org/services/registry), to populate and manage a service registry. The service registry currently contains a number of services and tools registered by the IPDA members. This project looks to expand the scope of this registry to not only support service registrations but also data set registrations from IPDA member organizations.

PDAP Development and Coordination

Leader: Jesus Salgado (ESAC/ESA). Description: PDAP Development and Coordination Project will coordinate the different activities linked to PDAP to be developed by IPDA from 2011/2012. During this year, these are the main activities to be developed: PDAP Core v1.0 led by Jesus Salgado; PDAP FlyBy Extension led by Yukio Yamamoto; PDAP Spectral Extension led by Alain Sarkissian; PDAP Time Support led by Michel Gangloff; PDAP Geometrical Support led by Naru Hirata