2008-2009 Projects

Venus Express Interoperability

Within the U.S. involvement in the European Venus Express mission, it was agreed that data from VEX would be made available to the U.S. scientists via the PDS Atmosphere Node using the interoperability concept. The Atmosphere Node web server is actually providing datasets to the users via a http based interface. FTP access to data is not the standard. The idea is to offer users of the Atmosphere Node www server a fully transparent access to all VEX data. Project Leader: Nancy Chanover

Small Bodies interoperability demonstrator

An interoperability capability was demonstrated between NASA/PDS and ESA/PSA. This project will extend the scope of the interoperability to JAXA/DARTS. The project shall consists of a simple user interface that connects to all three databases, queries them, lists the results and allows the direct download of the data sets (first step) and the data products (second step) returned from the individual data archive repositories. The project should restrict itself to the targets from the International Halley Mission. Project Leader: Iku Shinohara