IPDA TEG meeting at Bremen

The IPDA TEG has met in Bremen to discuss overall pending issues related to PDAP access, PDS and Registries. Results for the meeting will be discussed at the overall SC meeting.

The meeting span from 13:00 to 17:30 on Wed 14 Jul 2010. 

  • Dan Crichton talked on current status of Registries project. 
  • Pedro Osuna gave an overview of current existing Registry standard in the IVOA, and showed life demo of EuroVO Registry with proposals to evolve further.
  • Jesús Salgado presented the current sttaus of the PDAP document
  • Yukio Yamamoto presented the PDAP implementation over Clementine data
  • Baptiste Cecconi presented a PDAP implementation attempt from VO-Paris and CDPP with comments
  • Christophe Arviset presented an overall view of IVOA under the section "Other Interoperability efforts"
During the meeting several recommendations were put forward.