Mailing List Migration

All IPDA mailing lists have moved to Google Groups.

In order to provide the best possible service, IPDA mailing lists are now migrated to Google Groups.

Google Groups enables collaboration tools with traditional email list subscription features as well as modern forum-style interaction through your web browser. In addition, Google Groups provides

  • Better spam protection
  • Google search for mailing list messages
  • Linking with your Google profile and ID

Message archives for all lists have been preserved and are still available (see the section below for more details). In addition, the old mailing addresses for the groups will automatically be forwarded to the new Google Groups.

If you have not received an invitation, you can request to join the new mailing lists by clicking on the list name in the table below (except for the Steering Committee, which is private).

Migrated Groups

The following table describes the mailing lists that were previously hosted on and their new home on Google Groups.

ListNew AddressArchived Messages
IPDA Main September 2006–January 2011
Archive Working Group (AWG) October 2006–July 2007
Data Access/Prototype (DAPWG) September 2006–July 2010
Steering Committee December 2006–January 2011
Technical Experts Group (TEG) February 2009–June 2010

The following mailing lists were not migrated to Google Groups because they are currently inactive. However, their archived messages are available for browsing:

Defunct Lists

The following list shows mailing lists that are marked inactive. These lists have been shut down completely and have not been migrated to Google Groups. No archives are available because there were never any messages posted to these groups.

  • ipda-test
  • ipda2009-ancil
  • ipda2009-guide
  • ipda2009-inter
  • ipda2009-pdap
  • ipda2009-pds4
  • ipda2009-regist
  • ipda2009-std